Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm not quite sure where this is going...

Okay, so I started this blog as an assignment for a class I took for work. It was fun, and I got great response from it...and haven't posted since. Because of recent harassment and threats to my well-being, I'm picking this back up. I'm not quite sure what this is going to be. Is this going to be focused strictly on makeup? Music? Fashion? Events? I'm not sure. But as I start to post/pay this ransom over my head I'm sure it will come together...or not. Please excuse the "blahness" that will be this blog until I get used to posting pictures and animations and stuff again. Now get off my back Toya!


.elle denise. said...

*punches fist into palm* Whatever it takes, to get you to BLOG!... LOL

I say do all of the above! Whatever comes to mind, BLOG about it. We're looking forward to it :)

We <3 Faith!

faithbmakeup said...

LOL, thanks Toya. THE PRESSURE!