Friday, August 20, 2010

New Favorite Product (for the day): Be Natural Callus Eliminator

Two weeks ago, I had the worst pedicure of my life, I am certain of it. BUT...during my one moment of pedi delight (yes, only one) I discovered a new product. The man doing my pedicure put gloves on and rubbed a clear, gel-like substance on my feet, then put my tootsies in plastic for about four minutes. Well when he got to scrubbin' with the pumice stone, skin flaked off that I didn't know was there. I DEMANDED (I can do that) to see the bottle. They told me that it's sold at Sally's, but only in a small size. They also told me that it's only for professional use. PUAH! They musn't know to whom they direct their warning label! I don't condone unsafe use of cosmetics, but I AM the one who used professional grade bleach in high school (pretty much black hair to blond streaks) and Sally Hansen "waxed" at home (that's enough for its own post).  I have to say, once it's been on for a few minutes, it does smell like Nair (activated), so please use with caution.

So since next week is my birthday and I want the pros to pamper me then, I picked some up today and gave myself a pedi. Same thing, more crud than expected, effortlessly scrubbed away. Love it.

Image courtesy of, $13.49 (And worth every penny.  Y'all know it's hard to keep crust at bay constantly!)

Praise the Lord...

I got that wack Photobook error off my page.  If you don't know someone who can hook your page design up, be plain Jane/Janelle until you find someone who can do it and not leave their mark all over your blog.  Photobook sucks!

Friday, August 6, 2010


I guess it's once a year that I get the writing bug and I claim I'm going to keep up with this. Deep, deep down in my heart I really do want to. Lots has happened since my last post. (Was it really back in 2008???) That's horrible. But please don't judge me, I have lots to say, I just have to sort out my thoughts lol.