Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer

As I awakened to the sound of horses stampeding the side of the house (the wind), I thought about the winter and all its accompaniments, like excessively dry skin, hat and earmuff hair, and just enough snow on the ground to extend the commute from work by two hours. But then I think about the better qualities of winter, like finding a lotion that beats those dry skin blues like Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer. I purchased this because there was a three-pack at Sam's Club, but I'm in love. It is NOT greasy and has a very pleasant smell. I don't look like I need another coat after smoothing this over my skin. Okay I can't lie, my skin is dry in the summer too, so I will be stockpiling this one. It's a keeper!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Beauty Tip: Steaming

My favorite part of a professional facial is the steaming (I fall asleep every time). Steaming deep cleans the skin, brings impurities to the surface, and improves circulation. Time and money don't always allow for a spa appointment, so steaming can be incorporated into your home skin care routine. Before steaming, I like to mask. Lately I have been using Astara Blue Flame Purification Mask. (Thanks for the recommendation, Kelley!) While the mask is drying, take a medium-sized pot and boil some water. After the mask dries and you've wiped it off with a warm washcloth, it is time to steam! You can use plain water, or if you like, you can use lemon slices (rub the slices on your face, then squeeze the rest of the juice in the water and drop the lemon in) or essential oils. I have used both, but the essential oils aren't as messy. Be careful with the oils, as I used eucalyptus oil the last time and cleared up sinus issues I hadn't even gotten yet! Lavender oil is fine, too. (If you use too much oil, pour some of the water out and refill.) Cover your head with a towel and sit over the steaming pot for about ten minutes with your eyes closed. Then cleanse, tone, and moisturize for your skin type. Do this once or twice a week and I promise you will see results. Have fun!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

I have to be honest. Prior to reading this book, the only thing I bothered to know about Bobbi Brown was that Nordstrom carries her line and that she spells her name with an "i". But pretty much any book about makeup makes me happy. I purchased "Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual" at the recommendation of Kelley D. at The Makeup Loft and I must say that it was a smart purchase. Miss Bobbi simplifies the daunting task of basic makeup application for the inexperienced. She also provides the history of makeup as it dates back to 500,000 B.C. (What women AND men did for beauty!) Bobbi unselfishly tells of her experience and growth through the years. She also provides an account of the people who helped to make the beauty industry what it is today...some names unfamiliar to me, but I'm definitely planning to conduct additional research. I haven't done much extra-curricular reading since 2005 (pre-MBA), but I am off to a really good start! I'm inspired. Time to find a face now!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm not quite sure where this is going...

Okay, so I started this blog as an assignment for a class I took for work. It was fun, and I got great response from it...and haven't posted since. Because of recent harassment and threats to my well-being, I'm picking this back up. I'm not quite sure what this is going to be. Is this going to be focused strictly on makeup? Music? Fashion? Events? I'm not sure. But as I start to post/pay this ransom over my head I'm sure it will come together...or not. Please excuse the "blahness" that will be this blog until I get used to posting pictures and animations and stuff again. Now get off my back Toya!