Friday, December 19, 2008

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

I have to be honest. Prior to reading this book, the only thing I bothered to know about Bobbi Brown was that Nordstrom carries her line and that she spells her name with an "i". But pretty much any book about makeup makes me happy. I purchased "Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual" at the recommendation of Kelley D. at The Makeup Loft and I must say that it was a smart purchase. Miss Bobbi simplifies the daunting task of basic makeup application for the inexperienced. She also provides the history of makeup as it dates back to 500,000 B.C. (What women AND men did for beauty!) Bobbi unselfishly tells of her experience and growth through the years. She also provides an account of the people who helped to make the beauty industry what it is today...some names unfamiliar to me, but I'm definitely planning to conduct additional research. I haven't done much extra-curricular reading since 2005 (pre-MBA), but I am off to a really good start! I'm inspired. Time to find a face now!


Face Mode said...

I appeciate Bobbi's branding of her line..

She has been around for so many years and has remained constant..

I love how she keeps with the fresh modern woman.. and her products are no joke..

I love her blushes, and eyeshadows... for Brides...

faithbmakeup said...

I don't have any of her products, but now you know I have to go play at Nordstrom! I wish she had her own store here. Stores are more forgiving than counters about customers playing in makeup!