Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh, Omahyra!

Omahyra Mota--born in 1984, this chick is a BABY! But I'd give myself five Indian rug burns (remember those) to have her face in my book. Her attitude is raw, schoolboy, skateboard, dirtbike punk. I love it!

Things That Make Me Want To Lick My Arm

Flower by Kenzo

Oh, my goodness! Flower has made the poppy my new favorite flower, and I don't even know what a poppy looks like! Oh, guess that's a poppy on the box. Hints of violet, vanilla, and rose, mmm mmm yummy! Says the description on Sephora's website, It's a flower in the city. (That's me.)

Carol's Daughter Almond Cookie Sea Salt Body Scrub

Very long name indeed, but all I know is that I don't need lotion when I use it, and I smell divine! It is sooooooo extra moisturizing, and I adore products that multitask. You can order from Lisa's site here. (Lisa is Carol's daughter.)

FaceMode (not to be confused with Face First, tee hee)

Kelley Epps! I swear, if I hear another "Knottie" whine about how she is booked on their wedding day I will SCREAM! But no, really, I LOVE Kelley, and you will too! She is the hand behind FaceMode and FaceMode Brides, and is all the rage in the Washington, DC area. Her work is frequently featured in The Knot magazine, and she doesn't even advertise with them. HA! $150 a month my baby toe!

I know Kelley personally, and she's one of the most unselfish makeup artists I know, always willing to help "noobs" like myself out. (Noob: a new(er) makeup artist. Kelley's been doing this for like 100 years.) I may be a bit biased, but so what...I'm her facemode.com cover model! Oh yeah, and here's some of her bridal work too, lol. See more of that at facemodebrides.com.

Mary Keeps Your Work "Camera Ready"

Any budding makeup artist who has done just a fraction of their research knows who Mary Erickson is. Her online store, Camera Ready Cosmetics, has the necessary makeup supplies to keep your kit fully stocked. Her store offerings are based on first-hand experience with the products, and you should expect nothing but quality products and service when you order. Mary answers product questions in a timely fashion...always. You may want to set yourself a dollar limit before visiting because you CAN go crazy! See what I mean at http://www.camerareadycosmetics.com/.

Mary is an enterpriser, she is! She also keeps images "camera ready" with her makeup artistry and fashion styling abilities. I don't want to fill the page with her client list, so why don't you see it for yourself?