Tuesday, June 19, 2007

FaceMode (not to be confused with Face First, tee hee)

Kelley Epps! I swear, if I hear another "Knottie" whine about how she is booked on their wedding day I will SCREAM! But no, really, I LOVE Kelley, and you will too! She is the hand behind FaceMode and FaceMode Brides, and is all the rage in the Washington, DC area. Her work is frequently featured in The Knot magazine, and she doesn't even advertise with them. HA! $150 a month my baby toe!

I know Kelley personally, and she's one of the most unselfish makeup artists I know, always willing to help "noobs" like myself out. (Noob: a new(er) makeup artist. Kelley's been doing this for like 100 years.) I may be a bit biased, but so what...I'm her facemode.com cover model! Oh yeah, and here's some of her bridal work too, lol. See more of that at facemodebrides.com.

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